The Ultimate Dumpster Diving Experience

So you want to learn about my garbage coin? Great, here’s what you need to know. First, it’s garbage. Absolute trash. There’s nothing valuable here. This is an honest attempt at telling you to not throw your money away and spend it on something worthwhile like those other coins that promise awesomeness and glory. This, is simply garbage. Throwing your money away at this is like dumpster diving (hence, DiveCoin). You’re probably not gonna find shit, but you could, and it has been done before. I’m just not gonna promise you a thing for it. Still interested? Don’t care about that wad of cash sitting in your digital wallet? Ok then, you can buy a dumpster from me. It’s known elsewhere as a “Masternode”, but let’s call it what it is. A digital dumpster that collects all the trash on the net that some hobo thinks there’s something worth diving in for. Hey, who am I to judge, maybe it is worth it to him. Regardless, feel free to snag a dumpster. I only got a few, but if I got one and you want it, it’s yours. Don’t expect anything from this, if it ends up being worth your time, I promise it was a mistake. I’m probably just going to pay off my student loans or something, maybe take an ACTUAL vacation for once. Who knows, this is all up to you. I’m not expecting anything, nor should you other than this is trash. You’ve been warned.

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More power to you! Not gonna beat a dead horse telling you it ain't worth it. Feel free to contact me via the channels below.

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